Hey there, I'm Taylor nice to meet you!

I'm a freelance app builder, web developer, and general Jack of all trades living in Portland Oregon.

I like to dabble in all aspects of programming and I seek solutions over conventions.

Lead software developer at NurseGrid

Currently working on the NurseGrid platform api and client apps for nurses and their managers.

The Devil Wears Flip Flops Holla The Devil Wears Flip Flops The Devil Wears Flip Flops Stuff

Developer at Roundhouse Agency

Previously developed digital experiences at Roundhouse Agency working on apps, websites and events for Xbox, Adidas, Red Bull, Hydro Flask and many other brands. The following screenshots are a very small sample of all the work done.

Freelance web developer

I'm very proud of my latest freelance project coding raphaelhouse.com who provide an incredible resource for families in PDX. The task consisted primarily of wordpress theme development. Other jobs often vary and include Ruby on Rails, Discourse, Android Java and Backbone.

Things I'm stoked about today